Kitchen Tile Flooring Middlesex and Monmouth County

Kitchen Tile Flooring Installations

New Kitchen Tile Flooring Installations
We specialize in installing tile flooring in kitchens.

Updating the flooring in your kitchen is a great way to modernize your home and improve the aesthetic appeal of your interior.  Tile flooring in a kitchen provides other benefits too such as it’s durabilty to withstand knicks, scratches and dents and it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain.  When installed correctly, with special considerations to your tile choice, it’s truly a lifetime kitchen flooring material.

Donnie D’s Tile & Remodeling is a full service tile flooring installation contractor based out of Spotswood, NJ.  We specialize in the installation of tile flooring in kitchens in homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels and anywhere that would demand the highest quality of workmanship.  From a beautiful new stone tile floor in your kitchen to a ceramic or porcelain tiled floor that actually looks like real plank hardwood, there are plenty of options available.  The team at Donnie D’s Tile & Remodeling can help you transform your kitchen with the right choice of flooring.

Kitchen/Entryway Tile Flooring Installations

  • Kitchen Sub-Floor Repairs/Preparation
  • Heated Kitchen Tile Flooring
  • Ceramic Kitchen Tile Flooring
  • Porcelain Kitchen Tile Flooring
  • Natural Stone Kitchen Tile Flooring
  • Glass Tile Kitchen Flooring
  • Custom Tile Backsplashes
  • Custom Tile Countertops and Islands

Understanding The Durability Ratings Of Kitchen Flooring Tiles

The kitchen is a very busy area in most homes and it’s important to know that every tile is not made for every application, there is a tile durability scale used in the industry called a “PEI” rating and it stands for “Porcelain Enamel Institute.”  Knowing the PEI rating of the tile you’re looking at installing into your kitchen can help you determine the hardness and durability for it’s application.  The scale runs from 1-5 with a 1 being the most fragile and suitable for wall use only to a 5 which is considered the most durable and suitable for heavy foot traffic, perfect for a room like a kitchen or entryway.  For most kitchen or entryway flooring applications it’s a good idea to choose a tile with a PEI rating of 3+ or higher.

Why Choose Donnie D’s Tile & Remodeling For Your Kitchen Tile Flooring Project?

Donnie D

Donnie D

When you choose to work with Donnie D and his team for your kitchen tile flooring installation project you are partnering with a team of professionals with many years of experience in the tiling and home remodeling industry.

We take the time to explain your project to you and what you can expect.  We help you make the right choices when it comes to tile, we provide a meticulous installation that will look great for a lifetime.  We clean up after ourselves so good you’ll never know we were there aside from your beautiful new tile floors.

Your new kitchen tile installation will be backed by our warranty and we’ll also include a small box or two of replacement tiles just in case you ever need a repair a few years down the road, you won’t have to worry about finding a match.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for your kitchen tile flooring installation project in Middlesex or Monmouth County NJ please give us a call (732) 687-5722 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly.